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Singles Day

Mmmm Valentines Day. The day where women put plenty of pressure on MEN and expect the most out of their loves ones. The day Hallmark and other greeting cards company make use of their red dyes.

Also, the day single people drown their sorrows in wine and grimaces. Obviously, this year I’m single. I spent the day blogging and doing some work from home, breaking in my new TopShop tights in an “all dressed up but nowhere to go” type situation. And then made my brother take photos when he got home from school.

Vintage sweater

Justice skirt/skort

TopShop tights

Aldo wedges

Thankfully, my Valentine’s Day ended on a better note, with a three course fondue meal with my family and some good ol’ White Zinfandel wine and a box of chocolates.

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Leopard Distrust

My bf is visiting for the weekend and we’ve been blessed with mid 50’s weather, thank god! I got my hair done yesterday, 5 hours worth of chemicals and bleach, but I’m loving it! Also did a photoshoot today, pictures will come soon!

So, due to the nice weather and immense sunshine, Cody and I decided to go exploring in my fairly new neighborhood.

We found an awesome new *cheap* liquor store on Lorimer…. $20 for a handle of Bacardi Dragon Berry and we were in! We’ll be having an enjoyable night, that’s for sure!

Aldo wedges

Target tights

Express shorts

Kiss the Concrete shirt

H&M jacket

And I’ll finish with a picture of my new hair. It’s really dead… we’re going to do a deep conditioning treatment and then more bleach this week, and then I’m adding a surprise!

That….WARM? February air

Yesterday was a rare, stunningly beautiful February day. It hit up to 66 degrees and was just absolutely gorgeous; clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine, and a slight breeze. I prodded my roommate until she woke up to go to the park with me, and borrowed an adorable dress from her for the day. We had plenty of fun with our little pooch and all the other ones out enjoying the day.

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress

belt from Avril Lemieux

converse sneakers

vintage purse.


After our lovely romp in the park we prepared for our pre-planned evening. I decided to stick with the dress, but threw on some tights and my favorite Aldo wedges and H&M leather jacket. We stopped by for drinks at The Bowery Hotel, which has a lovely, comfortable atmosphere. Next stop, Scarpetta, a delicious italian eatery on 14th street and 9th avenue. There was a gorgeous skylight (rare from the first floor of any building in NYC) and my entire table sampled both red and white wine before the bread and appetizers.

Scarpetta is most famous for their basic spaghetti, which I tried. It’s basic, yes; tomatoes, basil and pasta, but oh my god is it delicious! As was everything I tried. For my entree I ordered Red Beet and Ricotta tortellini with pistachios and poppy seeds. I must say I was skeptical, but once it was in front of me it was beyond delicious.

Dessert was fantastic too, as we got a three dishes so we could all share. Sadly, I was much too full already to enjoy these.

Everything is Wet and Awkward

I took a trp down tIo Baltimore this weekend to visit one of my closest friends. It was a grand ol’ time; whiskey and vodka were drank, sushi and many a taco and nacho were consumed, and the weather was nearing 50 degrees! I even wore a skirt, as you can see, and stepped out of my UGG’s and Uniqlo tights for once.

Forever 21 Jacket

JCrew Cable Knit

Foreve 21 Skirt

H&M Floral Tights

Old Navy Boots

These were taken on a particular wet day in which we accidentally locked ourselves out of the house until someone came to rescue us with the spare key. Later that day we helped a clearly drugged/high guy who had gotten into a severe car accident on the highay call the police. And then ate pounds and pounds of mexican food. Needless to say, this was the most exciting day of the trip, and I think I looked damn cute for it!

You have Flowers on Your legs!

The rain has finally stopped and the snow is all melted in the North East, so what’s next to come? Flowers; the newest spring trend my mother can’t fathom me looking forward to is FLORALS. Fashion magazines like TeenVogue and Nylon are showcasing floral print tights, something a teenage me would have despised but I’m learning how to make each style my own.
I’ve been lusting after a pair of cute-sie floral tights to punk up, and I found a perfect pair; H&M’s floral tights are a cheap $15 and sooo so comfy and soft. They’re semi sheer white and the girls at Screaming Mimi’s (who noted their cuteness) described them as “tres modern romantic”. But, these were not the first pair I’ve looked at…
I took a lot of patterns and brands into consideration. Urban Outfitters has a few pairs currently in stock from sheer to opaque, ranging from $15 to $20 accordingly. Personal, Urban Outfitters is too hipster for me, but they can definitely be done up.
Similarly, TopShop has sheer thru opaque, but their prices can go up to $30, but your definitely paying for quality there.

Now, if you’re on a budget there are still options for you. Hue and other random generic brands have their versions of these tights available for you at your local department stores for as cheap as $4 so be sure to check your local Target or  Macy’s, Filene’s, etc.

image from Flickr.com

How To Wear Em:
As many of you know, I’m quite a punk rocker and have a rebellious side, especially when it comes to fashion. And yes, florals and pretty pink flowers are quite girly, but have no fear, there IS an edgy way to wear these wondrous tights! Dress it down with some boots or chucks is my idea. Sadly, I don’t have my Doc Martens yet, but I’ve seen it done and dammm is it cute! Throw on a tee or solid dress and rock out!
You can also dress it up for a chilly night on the town with all black; black dress, black shoes, throw in a leather jacket for some spice, you get the picture. Don’t be afraid to rock em with what YOU want; make this trend a part of your own personal style!

Images from: alicepoint.blogspot.com, myspace.com/crazed__x3, paledivision.blogspot.com