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I Learned Everything I Know From Watching Movies

Why can’t my life have a Hollywood ending?
Young and foolish I was technicolor dreaming…SaraSsmall2-55SaraSsmall2-38 SaraSsmall2-48 SaraSsmall2-51
Boyfriend’s shirt from GAP
Sequin skirt from T Maxx
Clutch from TopShop
Necklace from Forever21
Thrifted heels from Saver’s

A fun fall-ish look that I’ve worn a version of a couple of times so far since the leaves have started changing! I love being in the mid-Atlantic and how it’s late October and, save for a week of chills, the weather is still temperate enough for me to tolerate sans multiple layers. Unfortunately, these photos were taken WEEKS ago, but the photographer has gone MIA with the final edits, so excuse the watermarks. Anyone know any photographers in the DC area that are consistent with a quick turnaround!? send them my way!

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Crystal, Maybach, Diamonds on Your Timepiece

Life in DC is ever-changing for me; I crave stability. I’m getting to that age of settling and nesting, yet don’t yet have the means or life stability to accomplish this. So I keep on trucking, faking it till I make it, or something like that. Just Keep Swimming, I tell myself, and feign everything I desire to be true. I apologize for the lack of updates; it’s hard meeting people in this judgemental and cliquey city as an outsider, whether that be quality photographers for my bloggy here, or friends to dine and drink with. It’s never been this hard; a social life is just another thing for me to fake till I have right now. At least I can look good while I do it.
SaraSLarge-1 SaraSLarge-2 SaraSLarge-4SaraSLarge-5

Blouse from TJ Maxx
Skirt, bag from H&M
sunnies c/o 80sPurple
heels from Saver’s
Michael Kors watch
rings from my grandmothers’, DIY, and TopShop

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The Glamour Girl and Her Whiskey


During a recent shoot with photographer Greg Easton I was myself in all aspects, and had such a blast! Glitzy, glam, fashion-y, booze, and over exposed images that made me feel like a Terry Richardson starlet. Also, if you dig my style and versatility, check out my Tumblr, GlamourGirlsandWhiskey !




cropt 2



velvet & sequin dress from TJ Maxx

tights c/o TightsPlease.co.uk (buy em here!)

Bakers pumps

fur jacket gifted from my mother


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Call Me, Maybe?

Jumping on the bandwagon with the printed pants trend! How perfectly do they go with this blazer? Also, cheeky tee. I’m so comfortable and feeling fun in this ensemble!

Sunglasses c/o80sPurple (buy em HERE!)

Tee from a gift shop in Old Orchard, Maine

Material Girl blazer

Tinseltown jeans via TJ Maxx

Calvin Klein flats

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