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I Want to Make You Feel How I feel When Listening To Love Songs

I’m trying hard to make you love me
but I don’t wanna try too hard
And I’m trying hard to make it lively but I’m here now

A quick little outfit post; Work has been crazy, trying to keep up with NYFW has been nuts, and preparing for some big projects is more on my plate. Oh, and the omnipresent home updates and planning to get a dog. Coming home at the end of a long day to a glass of wine and my perfect man makes it all worth it; the literal four walls holding up our abode that we’ve been working so hard to make our nest.

Crop top c/o The Girl That Loves
TopShop collar
skirt c/o Persun Mall
thrifted booties
vintage hair bow

Those four walls now are the only place where I can breathe out
Those four walls now are home
Those three words now are the only thing that can save me
Those three words now are home

We’ll Ride the Coattails to the Finish Line

if souls are meant to be sold
if hands are only to hold
Than I can’t do what I’m told

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Outerwear as dresses seems to be a growing trend, especially among celebrities; from Red Carpets to daytime events to late night talk shows. I figured I’d try my hand at the trend with my favorite ornate jacket (and some subdued under-layers for posterity). Added some grey and gold accents and voila! What do you think of this trend? Have you seen it on the celebs or other bloggers!?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jacket from Burlington Coat Factory (old)
Bag from TopShop
“Love” Bracelet c/o Persun Mall
Gold Bracelet c/o CapWell
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

photos by Saoussen

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you talk me out of my needs
And stitch me up at the seams
Then I could live in my dreams

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Freedom Hangs Like Heaven Over Everyone

Fun, inspired, and almost completely vintage look that I absolutely love to wear! The dress was handmade for my grandmother in Russia many, many years ago, and the Liz Claiborne hat was also inherited from her. I purchased the vest from a thrift shop literally about 10 years ago, and still find ways to wear it!
The spiked bracelet is from TopShop, the ring is from Francesca’s Collection, and the bangles are from various shops, including Target!

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Show Me Love, You’ve Got Your Hand on The Button Now


Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl’s pants
Express Crop Top (old)
Qupid heels (gifted)
Holographic clutch from H&M
Skull ring by Freedom for TopShop
Vintage rings from my grandmothers
Photos by KevinIMG_7775

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We Know That Our Hearts Are Just Made Out of Strings

A second post from the whirlwind that has been my settling into life in the DMV! It’s been tedious…It’s been work. I’ve been unpacking, working, traveling, trying my best to explore and socialize, et cetera. What I’m craving most? A nice, relaxing evening involving a chill bean bag (remember those!?) and a movie with a bottle of wine, or a champagne cocktail. Alas, there’s much to be explored as I’m on the hunt for the perfect blog photographer, group of friends, brunch restaurant, lunch spot, dinner diggs, quality man; amongst maintaining my life at my new “home” with friends and new job. Confused/overwhelmed? So am I. These photos were shot by an area photographer, Kevin, who’s work can be found on his site here. He’s got a great eye and some great ideas, so I’m hoping you’ll be seeing more of his work up here!

Top and Skirt from TJ Maxx
H&M booties
Ring c/o Eclectic Eccentricity (buy it here!)
Bracelet from TopShop
Nailpolish: “First Timer” by Essie


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I’m Just A Bad Girl, That’s Why We Get Along

Won’t make excuses for anything I’m doing wrong
I’ll pull the trigger in a flash
Watch out honey, step backIMG_0424It’s been grey in New England for over a week straight; what even is the sun anymore? I’ve been trying to beat the blues (why don’t we call them greys again?) by being all around productive, but that means shooting in my yellow tinge apartment or in the freezing cold. Today I went a little different and utilized my bathtub because, why not? In addition to lacking Vitamin D, it appears I’m slacking on my iron supplements, aka: don’t mind my hideous bruises that I don’t even have the slightest clue of where they came from.

Todays song of the day puts me in a fun, Gatsby-mood, though the lyrics add the scandal and power, and it’s sucha a great track. How’s everyone liking the tunage per post!? What’s your thoughts on today’s?


Budweiser tee and Leather pencil skirt from Saver’s
Booties from H&M
Necklace is Freedom by TopShop


 What’s the fun in playing it safe?
 I think I’d rather misbehave

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LFW ReCap and Faves

Seriously, Style.com is the best thing ever; I was able to readily keep up with all of the London Fashion Week shows all from the comfort of my office or home. Better than actually being there? I think yes, better than the cold and crowds and confusion and stress. Here are my favorite collections from the Autumn/Winter 13/14 season!

mary katrantzou

Mary Katrantzou blew me away with this collection; such gorgeous silk screen prints. The silhouettes were modern, yet exuded an air of comfort; definitely a must for cozy fall months. The colors and prints, many showcasing the moon, were just so gorgeous to me.


My inner grunge-y teen fell for all the crop tops and casual chic looks at Topshop Unique. The glittery sequins an shimmer added a “downtown” fun flare while the furry tops made it truly a fall collection.


Keeping with wearable collections, Twenty8Twelve. there’s a piece for every style; edgy, sporty, feminine. All the styles and silhouettes were safe, so I definitely would have liked to see more of a “wow” factor, but you really can’t go wrong with wearability.


It was all a-regal punk at Moschino. The plaid is keeping with the 90s revival trend (which I wrote about on FemInspire here), and the pieces add just the right touch of elegance, perfect for my versatile style.

m cheap and chic

Moschino Cheap and Chic kept with their youthful aesthetic, following suit with current trends and strutting some chic creepers down the runway. The rocker looks with feminine frills again, spoke to my versatile style, as I’m sure it does to most girls in the demographic the line is designed for!

Now for the not so favorite.


Ashish, as I tweeted, was indescribable. In a bad way. Collections are supposed to have continuity, fluidity…Ashish was all other the place ranging from Village People chic, country gone glam, and soft casual. The only consistency was the bedhead. And maybe it’s my OCD, but the lack of coherency really threw me off the collection.

tom ford

While Tom Ford used to be a minimalist favorite, with sleek lines and an air of elegance, this new collection was quite different from his usual style. The worst part? It was far too reminiscent of older Miu Miu and Emilio Pucci collections. I don’t think we’ll be seeing any of this collection on the red carpets.

I’ve been catching up and keeping up with all the Milan shows, but be sure to follow me for my opinions and everything!

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There is Something In My Mind, Keeps Me Up All Night

Ooh, Morning

_DSC9689 copy

_DSC9662 copy

_DSC9667 copy

_DSC9674 copy

Thrifted dress via Savers

Jacket via Army/Navy Surplus store

TopShop spiked bracelet

Stein and Blye gifted bracelet

Satya Jewelry gifted Onyx stone necklace

Aldo Wedges

All photos by Greg Easton

I’ve definitely been toying with the 90’s grunge comeback with this look; I’ve had this shimmery dress FOREVER but have always had difficulty styling it, but I think I’ve nailed it here. The 90’s would be proud. I’ve also been doing this thing where I attach/embed the music that inspired the title of each blog post, do you guys like that? I figured it’s a good way to incorporate and add new things to my blog and share some of my musical faves with you! Let me know if you readers like it or find it a bother!?

_DSC9673 copy

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Man Repelling as a Ghetto Republican WRapper

**Please note this title is satirical**


Completely channeling Leandra AKA The Man Repeller with this look; pattern mixing to the extreme. The idea of pattern mixing used to send my OCD into a fit just thinking about it, but the idea has been growing on me and I must say it’s quite invigorating to dress a little “crazy” and make the people around me roll their eyes. In fact, when I came out with this on my photographer friend giggled and mentioned I look like a white ghetto republican rapper (hence the title). I went with it; threw on my favorite rap sing-a-long of Nelly’s Hot in Herre, and had some fun shooting this.







Vintage elephant necklaces from my Grandmother

Vintage sweater from my Dad

Army/Navy Surplus jacket ($10!)

Printed jeans from TJ Maxx

Fossil belt

BDG Sneaker wedges from Urban Outfitters

TopShop clutch


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What I Wore: Saver’s Video

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that I’ve been working on some big things! Earlier this past week I teamed up with Savers (and Value Village) to start working on a four part project preparing for Halloween, which is only a month away!

While you’ll have to wait until next week to see the first installment of the series, you can see what I wore for my outing right here (as well as a few sneak peaks!)

T-shirt by Uncle DJ

Banana Republic skirt

H&M Jacket

shoes from Arooms Providence

TopShop spiked bracelet

R&Em bag C/o Rebecca Minkoff

Now for the Previews!

Stay tuned for the video and more posts to prep you for a perfect Halloween on a budget! ❤

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