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White Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, guys! Whether you’re single and looking for a date, or in a relationship you’re bound to have some sort of festive gathering or date night out. I’ve teamed up with SheIn to bring you some outfit options to inspire based off of different dates that I love for the festive celebration!

This white out look is fun and trendy.  It shows that you’re not afraid to go against the grain and be yourself – perfect for a Valentine’s date at a cocktail lounge, whether your date is a blind date set up by a well-intentioned friend or your lover of a unspecified time frame. Pair it with a fun pink lip (red is too on the nose for Valentine’s day IMHO) and get ready to let loose!

Top c/o SheIn (shop it here!)
Frame jeans via TrunkClub (get them here or sign up for Trunk Club here!)
Aldo pumps (on sale right here!)

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Take My Hand and Come Along With Me

We’ve got nowhere to be
Don’t think twice, and put your mind at ease
Let’s play make believe

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cute outfit post, inspired by the impending Valentine’s Day. My beau and I will enjoy it in full relaxation mode, with Domino’s Pizza and a movie on NetFlix, safe from the kitschy and possibly dreary restaurant and bar scene. Honestly, there’s no ther way I’d want to spend it.

How will you be spending your VDay!?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Blouse c/o Persun Mall (get it here for $13.99!)
Skirt via TJ Maxx
HeatTech socks from UniQlo
Shoes from Rainbow
Hat from H&M
Bag from Fall River Leather
Marc by Marc Jacobs watch
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Take my hand and spend your life with me
It’s our destiny
Just don’t think twice, and forever we will be
Forever you and me
Let’s play make believe

I Love the Place Where We Shared Our Tiny Grace

but just because it’s real don’t mean it’s gonna work
I was out of your league, at a distance that I didn’t wanna see




I was all sorts of pale for this Valentine’s Day, jeeze. I spent it on the daily grind, helping my father prepare a cute night for my mother, then socializing with other single pals and plenty of wine! Hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day, in a relationship or not! Also, please excuse any shakiness and imperfections in these images, I asked my father for help and he hasn’t the greatest eye for proper blogger composition! What can ya do?


Mother’s tunic from Lane Bryant
Target skirt
Target socks by Merona
M.I.A boots
Vintage fur jacket


True affection floats.
True affection sinks like a stone.

Singles Day

Mmmm Valentines Day. The day where women put plenty of pressure on MEN and expect the most out of their loves ones. The day Hallmark and other greeting cards company make use of their red dyes.

Also, the day single people drown their sorrows in wine and grimaces. Obviously, this year I’m single. I spent the day blogging and doing some work from home, breaking in my new TopShop tights in an “all dressed up but nowhere to go” type situation. And then made my brother take photos when he got home from school.

Vintage sweater

Justice skirt/skort

TopShop tights

Aldo wedges

Thankfully, my Valentine’s Day ended on a better note, with a three course fondue meal with my family and some good ol’ White Zinfandel wine and a box of chocolates.

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