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Grandmother’s Jewelry

If you’ve been following for awhile you may remember that my paternal grandmother passed away this past July. While in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving it was time to go through more of her belongings and determine who would inherit what.

The jewelry was beautiful; classic cameo pieces to pearls, to pounds of costume jewelry and an impressive collection of clip on and (the even older) screw on earrings. Not many of you may know but I have gauged ears (size 2) and it makes it impossible to wear normal stud earrings in my first hole and gives absolutely no purpose to clip on and screw on earrings for me. None the less, I took a few inspiring pairs that I’d like to find something creative to do with.

I kept the Cameo and the Elephants for myself; she had quite the pin collection as well, which you can see, and a number of butterflies, which is my Aunt’s favorite.