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Self Date Sunday: Beauty and the Chic

Another cold weekend; the temps have been their lowest yet. My skin, even with last month’s spa day, is crying out for moisture. This week, I tried a new brand for repairing my skin while indulging myself in a little self date. Coffee scrubs are rapidly becoming the latest beauty craze and I totally see why. Beauty and The Chic combines the latest exfoliating crazes with stylish packaging and aesthetic and the most clever wording. And while they have yet to officially launch, you can follow them here as they test out new products and curate their brand further (and I anxiously await their rich b*tch bath bombs!)

I began with the lip scrub. “Lip Service” is wonderfully pink, sweet tasting, and dainty smelling. It left my lips smooth, taking all of the dry dead skin off with a massage of the fingers. The best part? It doesn’t take much to get the job done, so I will have smooth (kissable-hey Z) lips for the duration of the winter, thanks to Beauty and The Chic!

Next up on my little self date I poured myself some wine. Took a quick shower and shave (as per my instruction sheet) and then doused myself in coffee. Beauty and The Chic sent me the impossibly best coffee scrub, penned the “typical white girl” this pumpkin spice scrub smells so good it actually took restraint not to lick myself (and has me not-so-patiently awaiting my second scrub “double chocolate brownie”). I lathered myself up, massaging the delicious concotion into my skin, where I let it sit for about 10 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. I advise cleaning up the mess in this time, as doing this outside of my tub left my floor a mess that I did not want my fur babies licking up.


After my shower-rinse my skin was SO SOFT. Like, yeah it’s winter and it may have been the first time I shaved in a week, but it felt like there was oil on my skin, but without the oily residue…just, smooth.

And then I had myself another glass of wine and a book and relaxed. Because all of that treating yo’ self really takes it out of you.

What have you done for yourself this week? Have you ever tried a coffee scrub? Be sure to follow Beauty and The Chic for the most FAB luxe line of beauty products we’ve seen since, like, ever.

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