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An Ode to Fitness

I wouldn’t classify myself as ADD; I am a focused kind of person who [generally] follows through with plans. If I say I want to do something, you best believe I mean it 100% (unless I have a sly, toothy grin on myself which basically means sarcasm). But I’m also the kind of person who gets bored easily. I enjoy having plenty of projects on my plate, juggling them all with minimal time to spare. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop…or something like that. Going to the same workout class time and time again gets boring to me. If I reach my goals, or the top of the class, where else is there for me to go? What more is there for me to learn? If I’m not feeling the burn, what is the workout doing for me?

When ClassPass initially reached out to me I was ecstatic. I had recently moved and my favorite Yoga studio was no longer half a block away. I was already past my goals in it and ready to try something new. I spent my first month trying Pure Barre but alas, I was working 60 hour weeks and writing a blog and contributing to other websites. I hate to say it but the timing just wasn’t right for me to be adding a workout regimen to my life.

Fast forward a year and I’m in a new job; I’ve gained a solid 5-7lbs from sitting for hours a day (not to mention free food). I’ve mastered a schedule that works for me with blogging and my article submissions so it was time to start working out again; it was time to join ClassPass again. I try my ol’ Ashtanga yoga again, and love it. But such a specialized class only happens once a week and I’m not always free that hour. So I decide to try something new.

Vinyasa yoga has become a relaxing Sunday Morning pre-brunch treat (it’s also right above one of my favorite vegan barbecue brunches in DC) and a Hot Vinyasa class is a great way to start my morning on days I need to be to the office early (the scheduling works perfectly those days!). But yoga only gets my body so far. I try 9Round kickboxing; after my first class I felt like I was going to die but in such a good way- #burnssogood . Getting my heart rate up is something kind of enjoyable, in small spurts, I find, so let’s try this whole SoulCycle trend! I tried SoulCycle twice before deeming it just too much for me (though my BF is a huge fan).

Now y’all know I’m a little bit of a traveler. I didn’t want to lose my workouts when I’d be in a new place and again ClassPass to the rescue. By setting up my Flex Location I’m able to book classes where I’m going to be. Weekend in North Carolina? You betcha I’ll be hitting up Cat Tilt Studio. Weekend home to New York? The fun of seeing friends can’t stop me from checking in to The Monster Cycle. We’re even planning a trip to Toronto and I’m already excited to check out what Canadian ClassPass has to offer!

What’s your favorite way to work out? Have you thought about trying ClassPass?

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