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This is Something Bigger Than Us and Beyond Bliss

Tell me something I need to know
Then take my breath and never let it go
If you just let me invade your space
I’ll take the pleasure, take it with the pain

My first outfit post from my trip to South Africa! I wore this on our first night out to a burger joint in the upscale Randburg neighborhood of Johannesburg. The airy temperatures are my perfect dream; sunny days lending way to chilly nights that require a light jacket for layering. I think I’m learning that I was born for a mediterranean climate…and I’m dreading heading back to the states for “sprinter”. Until then, this is the first of many looks coming to you full of sun-drenched looks to help us into the coming season.backless

Top c/o Olive and Oak
Uniqlo pants
Zara mules
vintage bag

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It Still Takes Two to Make a House a Home

You and I both know that the house is haunted
And you and I both know that the ghost is me
You used to catch me in your bed sheets just rattlin your chains
Well back then baby, it didn’t seem so strange

An outfit post at last! This winter, much like last year’s, has been brutal. My last outfit posts were rough enough to get shot and then I did a lookbook photoshoot, also cold. So basically I’ve been avoiding standing outside in near freezing temps. Yesterday’s snow storm was so pretty, though, it was hard to not want to go out and shoot a quick casual look, amidst walking the dog and letting him eat all the snow his little heart desires.

A silk-cashmere turtleneck sweater layered with a Canadian Tuxedo seemed like the perfect winter layers, lest we not forget the Uniqlo HeatTech socks (I will never stop raving about them). I have always been an Ugg gal in the winter, but this year Z bought me these limited edition Sperry x  J.Crew boots, which I love. Lined with shearling they’re as cozy as my uggs, but the rubber and leather gives it a more utilitarian look, while also being mountain-girl-chic (or so I keep trying to tell myself).

Zara chambray (here)
Banana Republic Turtleneck
Sperry TopSider for J.Crew boots
Uniqlo HeatTech socks (get yours here)

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Let The Records Play Low

persun top

I’ve been loving this look lately; edgy, cool, and bold, just like me. These shoes though. When they say “walk a mile in my shoes” if they’re in heels just say no. I walked home in these babies and lemme tell ya, OUCH. Also; little known fact about me: I’m a reader. I’ve realllly been getting into it lately with all of my travels and it’s a nice distraction. I’m also participating in a GoodReads challenge to read 25 books before I turn 25! Follow along here!

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Never Meant To Break My Own Promises

Never Meant To Break My Own Promises

October Rains; still decently warm but the wet leaves pose as a reminder of the coming cold. I’m embracing transitional styles; sleeveless leather and open tow mules (love the 90s reinvention!). Thrown in with some polarized and eco-friendly sunglasses and some glam jewels and I’m feeling like my edgy self!

Zara mules paired with a baroque style thrifted handbag

Thrifted Peplum top via Buffalo Exchange (similar)(similar)
Panda bamboo Sunglasses c/o Rosies and Rockers
H&M Jeans (get them here!)
Vintage purse via Savers
Zara Mules (get them here!)
Passiana necklace c/o Rosies and Rockers

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I Don’t Need Nobody to Tell Me Who To Be

Ready to sting, I am young and free

Moving is stressful, hellish. It takes way longer than expected. You find some things, lose some others. While I’ve apparently lost my favorite fall jeans (the perfect aubergine hue), I’ve found a box of vintage quilted bags I used in college, including this one in my absolutely favorite color in the world. Also fun about moving? Exploring the new ‘hood. These photos were shot by the Monroe St Market, a series of small businesses, artist shops, and restaurants. How amazing are the giant strung lights!? Z and I have been absolutely LOVING going out to eat around here, and with a new spot opening up each month there’s always more to try!

Forever 21 top
Bullhead jeans from PacSun
Zara Mules
Vintage bag
Kitty Kitty sunglasses via DisClothesure

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Dust and Bones

Life and death, we won’t rest
Til we’re dust and bones
The clock keeps turning, the world keeps burning
It’s life and death, we won’t rest,
Til we’re dust and bones

Zara dress (old)
Vintage jacket
Vintage thrifted bag via Tari
boots via ShopCalico

Fun and flirty outfit that I wore on a recent date night! The handsome one and I had a post-office day happy hour at Dirty Martini bar before venturing to The Bombay Club for an Indian dinner. OHMYGOD the food was amazing. I had Saag paneer and garlic naan, a bottle of old vine zinfandel, followed by…mango creme brulee. Who ever thought such a beautiful thing could exist!?? Even though I prefer to shy away from dairy/creamy products, this one was totally worth it.
Post food-coma, we decided to head to a bar we’d read and heard about, Quill at the Jefferson Hotel. This intimate hotel bar was quite an experience; the staff was creative, friendly, and intelligent. The drinks were how does one say….divine? Z had one drink that came with a flaming orange peel…

Thankfully, I wore comfortable clothes that allotted for my food/drink baby and all of the walking for our adventurous evening.

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Just Create and Hold On Tight to The Light Inside

This will only get harder
When we’re not afraid of fighting with honor
It’s our time to feel alive

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I’d been feeling like I was losing my edge; this conservative city taking too much hold of me. So I threw on a more edgy outfit and called it a day. I love this sweater dress, mostly because it’s cozy cashmere, but also that it’s in the on-trend “orchid” that’s been announced as the color of the year! I paired it with an edgy beanie and fringe, leather and studs. I hate to feel as if I’m losing myself, so looks like this help keep me grounded in my personal style.
What do YOU do when you feel yourself drifting away from what you consider your unique qualities?
I throw on some good ol’ early ought pop-punk and read NylonMag to get back to my roots.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ralph Lauren dress via TARI
Zara booties
DIY Beanie
Bag from Fall River Leather

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Cuz Every second is a chance to change your life
So here’s to second chances

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Cherry Blossom CowGirl

I interrupt the posts from the marathon shoot with Darkside Images to bring you a look from another photoshoot I did right before leaving for Costa Rica with LCPhotography.

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Classy Rock

I bought this coveted dress from Zara for Easter, but have had difficulty trying to make it more my style for day wear. Then, it hit me. Throw on my Forever 21 black and metal zipper belt with some DB sandals, and my favorite bracelet! I wore this to work and I must say, I felt more in love with this dress than I have at all since April!

And that is how I turned a more conventional, classic dress into more of a rocker look!

Pinky Promises

It’s the end of the semester and I’m behind on about two projects…or four. I’m swamped at work and barely get time to sleep.

Hence my lack of updating. I apologize. I look fairly cute most days, in my opinion, and fashionable too, but there’s never time or anyone to help me with images. If you’d actually like to see my daily looks, feel free to follow me on Tumblr here. I post boobs and tattoos and other inspiring fashion images as well, but there is definitely a daily outfit shot taken with my iPhone, if you’d like to stay updated.

I was also in Baltimore this weekend, so I’ll have a post coming soon about that.

In the meantime, I wanted to pinky promise that, in two weeks when school is finished, you’ll see more posts from me. Thank you for staying loyal, my followers!

I leave you with a preview of Baltimore: