Experience: Austin Motel

Austin motel
The neon lights are lit as the marquee tells us this hotel is “No Additives, No Preservatives, Family Owned since 1938”. The Austin Motel has been keeping this city weird for as long as it’s been around, catering to the hip and trendy in a way that’s nostalgic yet modern; somehow the dichotomy works.

After checking in at the front desk and sparing a few moments for the resident cat we made our way to our suite. “It’s like staying in Grandma’s pool house” we both muse as we explore the space, noting the threadbare towels next to the dual-rain head standing shower. The king size bed, warm and cozy with a 90s style aesthetic is the perfect place for a quick nap before heading out to explore the hip ‘hood of South Congress Street that the hotel anchors.
Austin motel
Austin motel

Austin motel
Austin motel
Austin motel

Austin motel
Even in the winter, Austin’s daytime temps reach near the 80s. Thank god for the pool, overlooking the river and Downtown Austin; far away enough from the hustle and bustle to feel like your own little oasis, but still close enough to see the sky light up and hear the copious amounts of live music from nearby bars and venues.
Austin motel

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6 responses to “Experience: Austin Motel

  1. interesting post!
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  2. This looks really cute and interesting… And the fact that it’s all about dichotomies that work great together makes it even more appealing 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx


  3. Very cool! I love Austin!

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