Line it Black

So this morning I picked up the new Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Liner. With this, I decided to find out my friends’ favorite eye liners and compile a review of general favorites along with personal favorites for all my lovely beauties, because everybody needs a good black eye liner, especially an edgy fashionista!

Let’s start with the number one’s. My favorite, along with Ashliegh’s new favorite, is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner from her line for Sephora. Normally, I’m not a fan of this line. The tattoo concealer doesn’t actually cover tattoos…but damn, the eye liner is amazing. It’s like a thin paint brush, which offers perfect precision for application, and was made to draw tattoos and line your lids, with lasting effects. Really, when I first tried this out I drew the line on my hand, along with a few other liners to test out. The line lasted for THREE days. Yea, it lasts that long. Ah, perfection in an eye liner if I’ve ever seen one. At $18, this liner is fully worth the price and trip to your local Sephora.

Moving on, a huge favorite among my friends is Sephora’s Liquid Liner. I personally am not a fan of liquid eye liner, but a number of reliable, gorgeous sources claim this to be a winner. It’s another one with wand precision and a lasting, un-smudging look. If you have the steady hand and the love for liquid, this is you’re best bet and at a fairly reasonable price of $10 as well!

On an even more budget-friendly note, Maybelline is FABULOUS. First off, this new Eye Studio Lasting Drama is great; it’s a waterproof gel that comes in a small container with it’s on thin brush. It’s easy to put on, given a steady hand, and is waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours…and when they say 24 hours, they mean it. In the shower, though, this will smudge, so a make up remover is key. Another Maybelline fave is their “Unstoppable” eye liner.  Another smudge-proof, water proof, wonderful black liner from the company. The cool thing about this liner is that it has a self sharpener, so your point is always sharp when you need it to be. Both these liners are $10 or under, and can be found at any drug store and Target!

Other notable black liners are Make Up Forever’s black one-in-all, with an eye liner brush. Make Up Forever tends to take the cake with consistency, dependency, and over all satisfaction but the fact it only comes in a small tub and you have to buy yourself a liner brush makes it less of a fave. Still, if you’re looking for quality, go for it. MAC offers the exact same thing, similar in quality, but where you have to buy a brush for it as well. Urban Decay also seems to be a favorite, but they tend to hide glitter in everything in their collection, so it’s basically good if you want to add some frill and girly-ness to your look. Also, my good friend Jasmin suggests Physician’s Formula Felt Tip Eye Marker eye liner because “it’s great for making wing tips!” and she also says it’s only $7, aka: awesome.

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