Girl Crush: Ruby Tanja

Ruby Tanja doesn’t have a blog that I can find; she has a twitter she hasn’t used in months; not even a modelmayhem. She doesn’t appear to social network much at all. I’ve still managed to fall in love just through her page (

She’s a versatile, fashionable 17 year old and that’s about all I know. Be sure to check out her LookBook and give her the recognition she deserves and maybe, hopefully, this dollface will start a blog I can follow! 🙂

2 responses to “Girl Crush: Ruby Tanja

  1. She is so talented I found her facebook through my friend who was raving about her photography awhile back she really is so talented!

  2. I totally agree! She’s beautiful and has such great style. I really like your blog. I’m glad you posted the link on the lookbook forum.


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