Devon Thomas

After the Stevie Boi show it was back in line to be checked in for the Devon Thomas show, which started almost immediately after my arrival. The collection was quite a contrast from the Stevie Boi show, with more classically influenced pieces with modern trends. Some pieces were fluid and drapey, which was gorgeous along the runway. Other pieces were more structured with strategic cut outs, which obviously I’m a fan of.

All in all, I’m digging this fairly new yet versatile line of clothing. Also, DYING for the ensemble with the green top and flowing skirt, as well as the cut  out blazer!

8 responses to “Devon Thomas

  1. Great clothes …..

    I love all the drapey on the white ones ….

    Really gorgeous ….

  2. Great collection, so lovely ! I like the light pink long dress very much =)

    Fashion and Cookies

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  3. Loved all the looks except the 2nd & 3rd llok

  4. Gorgeous pieces!

    Thanks for the lovely comment by the way:)

  5. Great pics, this does look like a really fun show! Those models are hot. Following you now,

    I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

  6. OMG wish I stayed for this one!!! Such pretty little things. Love the last outfit.

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