The Anti-French Manicure

With my gold an glitter manicure fading, I decided to give a go at one of the top current nail trends; the half mood cuticles, the anti-French manicure as my friends noted it.

I started by removing the gold and glitter, cleaning my nails and applying a Revlon base coat.

Next, I decided to use a mauve, pale purple that’s super big this season for my nails. This color is from Forever 21, and the small bottle is just SO adorable!

After applying three coats and letting that properly dry, it was time to do the half moons! I got out my Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen and got to work. I had my friend who is staying with me help with the opposing hand so it wouldn’t get messed up and for a dude, he did pretty well.

Et Voila! My Anti-French manicure is complete! I love it and got so many compliments. Sadly, as a perfectionist I’m unhappy with the “cakey” and cracked look the nail art pen produced. I think I’ll have to be on the look out for a better brand of pen.

38 responses to “The Anti-French Manicure

  1. That polish remover is awfully close to the coffee table…

  2. i love the color combo! this kind of mani is so chic πŸ™‚ xo

  3. Looks really nice!

    A from Picture Cocktail

  4. thrillofthechaise

    Love it! I did that before I came back to London but did a black base with a white half moon. I need to get it done again πŸ™‚


  5. Hi Sarah! Love this idea, so cool. I think I’m going to try it out.. Hope alls well.



  6. I really love that shade of nude polish! So pretty! xx

  7. Love it!…I really like this purple color.
    Thanks for commenting my blog. You have great style, following!

  8. I never knew the name for this type of manicure! I saw another tutorial that used notebook paper hole reinforcements to cover the part you did black, then paint over the whole nail to get the color at the end. it works great for a really clean line, but if I owned a nail pen yours looks easier haha. I heard nail pens dry up very easily though?

  9. hmm. not sure whether I like it or not. Like the standart french one more!

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  10. We really love your nail color! Very lovely color combination! We love your style very much!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  11. Joli manucure!:)
    Angela Donava

  12. oehh this looks so awesome,
    i think im gonna try it someday!
    GREAT job babe

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  13. It’s really genius actually, the idea! Love it!
    xoxo, Kaari

  14. lovely! i have to try this out once..

  15. This is a great idea, looks fantastic!

  16. I love this look on nails and the colours that you used are so pretty!

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  18. I like the association! great combo πŸ˜‰


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