Tonight Let’s Do Something That We’ll Never Forget

Simple outfit I wore out on Friday night; I seriously can’t get enough of these booties! and at $34.95 they’re shockingly comfortable for H&M brand! Also, I can’t put on thigh highs without ripping them so I enjoy the rips; they tone down the outfit and make me feel more bada$$.

And while these images kind of suck, I swear there’s good things to come. Better pictures in future posts, better posts; exciting things are happening in the world of EffortlessCool.

BCBG dress

Target thigh highs

H&M Booties

sister’s beanie

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8 responses to “Tonight Let’s Do Something That We’ll Never Forget

  1. Love your style and blog !

    Come see my latest NYFW post if you have time 🙂


  2. i love that you can wear beanis with just about anything – i wished they suited me!

  3. Sooooo I was at a fashion show during nyfw and for some reason I totally thought I saw you. I crossed the runway and went and tapped on this girl’s leg like Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii! She looked at me with the blankest of stares I was so like….omg you are not Sahra…I totally slinked back to my seat.

  4. wow, this deserves celebration for some of us who are not as lose to FNO as you are! love the trench, dress, booties, great outfit!

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