Monthly Musings Vol. 2


Welcome to your second installment of my favorite things on the internet! what’d you think of the first one? LOVE it? hate it? Let me know!

On to the next one, though. Here’s what I’ve been reading and loving and sharing for the month of May. Also, how in the hell is it already June?!?????

  1. I’m a ways off from being a parent myself but these ladies are total #MomGoals
  2. Working in a liberal, casual office I feel like this WhoWhatWear style guide was made just for me!
  3. It’s like the real life Olivia Pope Y’all! except that he’s a man, but still! #Scandalous
  4. How To Be Happy: some good lessons for a brighter and fuller life
  5. After mercury’s retrograde had my work life in upheavel this was JUST the read I needed to get me back into a focused and good employee state of mind.
  6. Reason # 5889 that I need to get my butt back to NYC and get a job at Conde Nast: these employee perks. Unlimited Wardrobe yes please!
  7. Holy Wanderlust! This secluded beachy resort (the one in the image above) is making my heart sing the songs of wanderlust, big time. Time to pack my bags and head back to Africa I guess!


wishlisting: These reversible leggings are beaut! And perfect for yoga (the side with the palm print is speaking to my inner sun beam). And speaking of summer, espadrilles are a must, but cheeky espadrilles are a HELL YES.

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