Here I Am With All The Pleasures Of The First World

Everyday I wake up,
I choose Love
I choose Light
IMG_9360Not my usual style, but more of a style I wish I could wear more often. Why doesn’t my life call for comfy capri pants and embellished peplum tops more often!? What’s a girl got to do to have more occasions to wear fancy clothes? That’s right; make her own. Throw on some party music and glam it up for…for the cats, I suppose! Why not?
I’m currently coveting an office job where jeans become a Friday only affair; am I just lusting to grow up too soon?IMG_9349IMG_9366IMG_9374IMG_9378IMG_9352

Line and Dot top
Kate Spade pants c/o Sassanova
Qupid shoes gifted
Charming Charlies bracelet
Sunglasses c/o 80sPurple
Photosby KevinIMG_9354

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15 responses to “Here I Am With All The Pleasures Of The First World

  1. amazing top 🙂

  2. just amazing! i love the mix of elegant lady with the tattoos, hair and piercing! wonderful combo!

  3. Jobs where you get to dress fancier are so nice, so I don’t blame you for lusting after one. This peplum top is beautiful!

  4. love the look and LOVE those heels!

  5. Oh you look stunning! Those trousers are just perfect! I love every element of this look 🙂

  6. fashboulevard

    oh my gosh, obsessed with this combo. You look so stunning, love.

    xo, Anna

  7. wow you look fantastic, i love your outfit, cus is quite elegant but your haircut is so so punk like so it looks wonderful together 🙂

  8. You are so cool!
    love the whole look babe!

    new outfit post ; The famous skort

  9. thanks for ur sweet comments
    loving these trousers,such a great print
    hope u can follow back

  10. girlgotglitter

    You have the greatest outfits! I looooove this one!!! I need those pants… And that top! 😛

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