Granma’s 90th

While on vacation we took a break from our home cooked dinners to go out for my grandmother’s 90th birthday dinner. We took a nice family picture (which we then had framed and given to her as a gift). We then went to a Pine Point local restaurant called the Captain’s Galley. With minimal vegetarian options I opted for fried vegetables with penne and alfredo. My 14 year old brother, though, made my night. I’m a HUGEfan of french fries, so my brother verrrrrry sneakily snuck a fry on my plate at every chance he got, completely under my radar, making it so every time I looked down I had a greasy, delicious fry poking out of my pasta! In the picture below we had just taken a picture with his arm around me where he stuck one in my mouth. Silly, but it made my night.

gifted dress by Hype (available by clicking the link!)

Alice Yim cocoon cardigan

DB sandals

As you can see, on those cold Maine evenings I’ve been living in this amazinglyyy comfortable cocoon cardigan. Be sure to get YOURS just in time for fall here! I’ve been keeping this casual, but with my return to NYC I’ll be ready to glam up everything, so be prepared for some killer outfits to come!

43 responses to “Granma’s 90th

  1. Looks like a fun family time spent, I love that beautiful dress! so pretty. 🙂

  2. I love that dress and love how you paired it with a cardi! your hair is awesome 🙂

    thanks for commenting and visiting my blog

  3. Thank you for your comment :))
    You look so cute with this dress!! And this cardigan is so cool!! :))


  4. Such fun photos! Love your outfit, you looked lovely. xx

  5. Love that dress! So pretty.

  6. loving that dress! great look :))) thank you for visiting and commenting!

  7. Great sandals!

    xo L.

  8. Gorgeous outfit!

    Want to follow each other? :)x

  9. aw, happy birthday to your grandmother! and i ❤ your hair 🙂

  10. the dress is so nice you look so pretty love it!

  11. Great photos! Time with family is always the best 🙂


    Fashion Fractions

  12. ~pretty dress!




  14. Loveee your dress! So cute.



  15. Jolie gilet (:

  16. Thanks for sharing the cool stuffwith me.. 🙂 They are amazing at laureluxe. You look effortless chic here. Xoxo

  17. Thanks so much for your sweet comment,adorable dress,looks like your having a nice vacation,Hope your havin a lovely time x look forward to your next post x

  18. answe: thanks! sorry you can’t read my blog haha

  19. love your dress so sweet .. gorgeous blog followed on bloglovin follow me back xx

  20. oh hey there! you look awesome. and thanks for your comment! 🙂

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